New Digs

Well, it’s done. I sold the house, I packed it up, I moved it all into storage, and I left my little home up on the hill. It was emotional, I won’t deny it. There were some waterworks. There was some bucking up on my part. At the end of the day, it was the right thing to do, but … hard.

Enough of that! It’s over now, and I have new, temporary digs in my old neighborhood, Echo Park. This is where my son was born, I lived way up in the hills back then, too. This place is in the lowlands – I used to drive by it every day on my way up to the hills. Though the neighborhood has gentrified quite a bit, a lot of the same places are still here. The laundromat (where I intend to wash my clothes this afternoon), the  cheap Chinese food place next door to the doughnut shop – walking distance, danger! danger! – and the liquor store where Eli’s dad and I bought cigars to take to the hospital where my nephew Jake was born. Sadly, the great Pioneer Market is gone, replaced by a Walgreen’s.The bodegas where I used to stop and buy cigarettes and practice my pathetic Spanish conversational skills, gone, replaced by trendy boutiques and coffee shops.Sigh …

My apartment is cosy and has a little patch of dirt out back with a table, chairs and a tree, plus a hibatchi … can’t ask for too much more than that! Here’s some pics:

20140406_122655       20140406_122913

20140406_122718    20140406_122735

Home sweet home for the next 3 weeks or so … then I’ll be flying to D.C. early the morning of the 26th, there for one day, then … Georgia. Lots to do before then, but next week is my last at the office, and with 2 more weeks after that to get ready, I think I’ll be fine.I think. I hope.


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