Small Change

This will be a very short post. Some of you may notice that I have changed the name of my blog just a little. “The Last Big Adventure …” is now simply “The Big Adventure …” I did this because someone pointed out to me that it sounded a bit … pessimistic, I guess. Like I might never have another adventure. I will admit that when I first started this particular journey, part of my thinking was that I better do it before I got too old. And at the time, I really did think of it as my last big adventure, though not necessarily the last adventure of any kind, ever! But now that I’m starting the downhill ride to the end of my 27 months here in Georgia – it’s a while yet, but we’re all thinking about it these days – I’m starting to really think, well – no! Maybe it’s NOT my last big adventure. Maybe there’s another one to come.

We’ll see. But after some reflection, I decided my friend was right. I’m optimistic about the future, and my blog should reflect that.

One thought on “Small Change

  1. Jane Stallman

    Sara, glad you are having many adventures – big, small and medium. In fact, each day has the potential be an adventure and a treasure. Thanks for sharing this journey.


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