After 27 months as a Peace Corps Volunteer working on nonprofit organizational capacity-building in the city of Gori, Georgia, I now work and reside in the capital city of Tbilisi. As VP at the International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University, aka as ISET (https://iset.tsu.ge), I focus on management and strategic planning issues. I continue to explore Georgia’s fascinating culture, food and landscapes as I settle in for the long run. I also enjoy venturing outside of Georgia from time to time, for some interesting adventures elsewhere.

In front of Ikalto Monastery

In front of Ikalto Monastery. This jacket was stolen in JFK Airport, and I still mourn its loss.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Jane Stallman

    Sara, it all sounds like SO MUCH to take in, learn and adapt to. Good for you! I hope you find your new setting to your liking. Thanks for writing about your experiences. Your descriptions are so vivid that I can almost experience them myself. Thinking of you as you go forward on your journey.


  2. IntentionalTravelers

    I love that you’ve removed “last” from your blog name! It’s just the beginning! Anyway… Hi Sara. My name is Michelle, and I was one of the PC Blog It Home contest winners a couple years ago. I’d like to invite you to a six-week Blog Challenge I’m hosting to help PCVs “level up” their Third Goal blogs in the New Year. This is “phase one” for an online project I’m working on with the aim of helping bloggers to promote cross-cultural understanding. I’d be honored if you would visit my new site: http://BloggingAbroad.org, watch the video (or read the transcript if loading videos is a challenge), and sign up to join the adventure in blogging. Take care and happy blogging! Michelle

    1. saraweaves Post author

      Hi Michelle. Thanks for the message. I’ve been traveling in Vietnam for several weeks and so was a bit out of touch, but I’m back in Georgia now and starting to catch up on everything. I signed up for the project and will try my best to participate! Thanks, Sara


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